GOT a poem you would like to share with Army&You’s readers? Send it, preferably along with a photograph, to and we’ll feature it in Well-versedDale Mitchell wrote this poem whilst she was settling into the family home and waiting for her soldier to join her.

Wonder wife waits

Life for two years has been one stressful wait,

The waiting’s over, we have a date!

I’ve been kept so busy, do you see,

Whilst waiting for you to come back to me:


In the garage it’s sorted and it ain’t,

I found loads to bin, especially old oil and paint.

Weeds can multiply the more you pick you know.

They grow and grow and grow and grow!


There’s been stumps to bleach

And plants to water – the hose won’t reach.

I’ve needed to go to shops galore,

For foodstuff, clothing and much more.


There’s constantly the house to clean,

With rare help from child and teen.

There’s bills to pay and stuff to sort,

But mostly it’s been updated and bought.

There’s jobs for which to apply,

Oh well – worth a try!


I’ve found woodworm, I’ve found mould,

But don’t worry, that news is old.

There’s being the parent of a child,

Whose school demands are not mild.


Clubs to book, dinner to cook,

What’s where/when? Best take a look.

There’s been dogs to walk and dogs to feed,

And a cheeky dog upon his lead.


And if I think I’ll have a rest at all,

Then at my feet appears…A BALL!

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