If you’re on the move again this summer, make sure you’re aware of what should happen at your move-in appointment and what to do if anything goes wrong.  

You will have booked your move-in appointment on the e1132 – if you can’t make it and need to use a proxy, make sure you’re comfortable that they will inspect the house thoroughly for you, as they sign the paperwork on your behalf.

The move-in appointment should take no more than an hour. The Housing Officer (HO) will show you where everything is and how everything works (stop cock, fuse box, heating, cooker etc).

AFF strongly recommends that you print off the move-in standard checklist from pinnacleservicefamilies.co.uk and take it with you so that you can tick off all items as acceptable while you go around your new home.

Any faults should be recorded on the digital move-in form by the HO. Make sure you check that all issues discussed have been recorded before you sign.

Before the HO leaves they should provide the manuals and operating instructions for the boiler and cooker as well as copies of the landlord’s gas safety and electrical inspections.

Your new home should be clean with everything working but from time to time things do go wrong. These are divided into two sections:

    Issues which prevent you from  moving in, for example a lack of a utility/collapsed ceiling/flooding/faulty heating system (in the winter months or all year if there are vulnerable members in your family). In this situation you should be provided with alternative accommodation and your belongings will be put into storage for you during this time if necessary.

    Issues which mean that the property hasn’t met the move-in standard but don’t prevent you from moving in (for example cleanliness, leaking tap, wobbly door handle etc). The HO will arrange for any habitable faults to be resolved.

If your new home hasn’t met the move-in standards, you may be eligible for compensation – you will need to apply for this through the Pinnacle website.

Before your HO leaves they should arrange a follow-up visit at the 14-day point. At this appointment any questions you may have or reminders you need (where’s the stop cock?) can be answered and the HO will help you complete the 14-day report.

You should keep a copy of this report along with photos of any issues to prevent you being charged on move-out. If you need any repairs done, don’t wait for the 14-day visit but log them to Pinnacle as you usually would.

Contact housingsupport@aff.org.uk if you have any issues. 

Edward Rigby, Pinnacle Regional Manager South East, has these tips for your move-in appointment:

“When you arrive at the home, please ensure you check the ID of the staff member carrying out your appointment.”

“Make sure you take a photo of your meter readings for your new supplier. Also check that the heating and hot water systems are working and that the boiler pressure is

“Your HO will be able to provide you with information such as when the bins are collected and local amenities, but it is always useful to think about any specific questions you may have ahead of the appointment.”

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