About us

Army&You is the only magazine of its kind. With news, features and exclusive real-life stories from army families. 

It’s for everyone with a soldier in their life: the spouses, partners, parents, grandparents, army reserve families, friends of soldiers.

It’s the Army Families Federation’s flagship publication, a vital channel of communication, a source of information, and a platform for voicing the concerns and interests of army families. 

The magazine is produced by AFF’s comms team at AFF Central Office and designed and published by TylerBale Communications.

Approximately 45,000 copies of each issue are distributed free to army families and subscribers worldwide every quarter as well as to MOD and political policy makers and related organisations.

We welcome articles from all army families – regular and reserves – spouses, civil partners, girlfriends/boyfriends, children and wider family members such as parents of soldiers. Email us at editor@aff.org.uk 

Army families living in Service Family Accommodation or Substitute Service Family Accommodation (hiring) automatically receive a copy every quarter. If you don’t live in army accommodation, you can subscribe for free by clicking here.