If you’re new to moving with the military or just need a reminder, read on for answers to some of the common questions on removals.

How do I book removals?

Log on to the Agility portal grms-external.agility.com and follow the instructions. Applications must be validated with a copy of the Assignment Order and then the allocated removals firm will contact the soldier.

Why don’t Agility cover my insurance?

Agility is not permitted by the MOD to sell insurance or to charge the MOD for insurance to cover a service move.

Can’t I just add it to my home insurance?

You can, but ‘contents in transit’ is not bespoke insurance and would result in increased subsequent premiums in the event of a claim. Some insurers will not cover contents while they are in transit, so you should take out bespoke removals insurance.

I’m going overseas, do I need extra insurance?

International removals insurance is vital. It’s important to value your belongings and determine how much they would cost to replace. There are several marine cargo insurance policies available that provide door-to-door coverage.

Why do I have to claim on my insurance if the removals company caused the damage?

The contract for service removals specifies that suppliers are not allowed to charge for insurance cover. Whilst cover is held by suppliers, this is limited and in most cases would be inadequate in the event of a claim. Where a supplier is found to have caused the damage, the costs are claimed by the soldier’s insurer from the supplier’s insurer.

I’m going overseas and need to put belongings in storage, do I need separate insurance?

You are strongly encouraged to have insurance in place before your goods are put in storage. Storage cover is not usually provided as part of a normal house insurance policy, and you should take out separate cover.

Why are removals taking so long to get to overseas postings?

There remain challenges sourcing containers, with port strikes and shipping disruption caused by global events and environmental factors creating delays. Efforts are made to re-route consignments and you should be kept informed.

How far in advance can I book removals for UK and overseas?

You can now apply up to six months before an assignment start date.

Why are most surveys now done virtually?

They have proven to be reliable and accurate, so they’re now the norm rather than the exception. Plus, it helps to reduce carbon emissions. Manual surveys are still available on request.

Will I be charged if I am over my entitlement?

Yes, you are permitted to move up to 15 per cent volume over entitlement. Costs will be reclaimed through the soldier’s salary as described in JSP 752, Ch 12.

How do I make a complaint?

Families should complete the complaint form on grms-external.agility.com and send it to qualitycontrol@agility.com. The customer survey form issued by Agility after the move should be used to give feedback in the first instance.

What if I don’t agree with the outcome?

If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of an initial investigation, the matter will be examined by senior management.

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