Thank you to army spouse Katy McGarry, who has shared her poem, Military Wife in Lockdown, with us. Katy wrote the poem to show how military wives are made for lockdown. She hopes it will empower other military families to realise how amazing they are…

 It has been several weeks that as a nation we have stayed at home.

And this time has made so many of you feel so all alone.

Whether you live in a loud and busy house, or on your own so quiet and still,

Either way, the end seems so far away but time will tell.


My friends from home have called and text telling me how hard they are finding it,

Explaining how their struggling, their anxiety increases, and they just want to quit.

I noticed that they rarely asked: “How are you today?”

Maybe this is because I live so far away!


This got me thinking that actually being a military wife,

Has prepared me for this crazy, crazy life.

For eight years I have been married to a military man,

And continually we have had to change our plan.


Last minute holiday cancellations,

Christmas in September and different dates for birthdays and all celebrations,

Emotions all over the place,

Keeping up with this military life race.


All to fit around tours and courses,

For my husband’s career and our country’s armed forces.

I don’t mind living this life from time to time,

Don’t get me wrong, of course I moan and a whine.


I can’t help but feel while we have been in lockdown just now,

Others are starting to feel how military wife life is since I said that vow.

Now the entire nation is feeling as we normally do,

They can’t celebrate their anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays as they use to.


Struggling to know a date when all will go back to a life that is ‘normal’,

And make a plan to see their loved ones and free to do as they will.

So many people are missing important trips and important days so far,

Weddings and funerals to name a few, even simply driving in their car.


I know so many are angry because the government are dictating your day-to-day choices,

No one is to blame here, listen to those politicians’ voices.

They too are scared at this time, the unknown and this virus,

Thank goodness for key workers who really do inspire us.


Maybe when life gets back to ‘normal’, we will all appreciate what we had day-to-day.

Seeing grandparents, friends and family regularly and not living so far away.

Appreciating your family and your friends, and your life more than you did.

Living life to the fullest, the way you did when you were a kid.


So, I’m not annoyed that my friends don’t ask me “How are you today?”

I know they know I’m coping because I’m use to the uncertainty in a way.

This doesn’t take away the challenge of this time in any way,

But our military spouses being called to help is just another re-play.


I truly believe that us military wives are made of strong, strong stuff,

So, from me to you, my military family “You’ve got this!”









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