As the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot reaches its final months, we spoke to the Defence Accommodation Policy team to find out what you need to consider going forward…

“The way people live and work is changing and the MOD’s accommodation offer should reflect this,” the team told us, “Defence recognises it’s crucial to provide accommodation that works for a modern whole force, their partners, and families.”

The FAM pilot has been running for three years, aiming to give thousands of service personnel the opportunity to have more choice over how, where and with whom they live. Single parent Mark, who benefited as his two sons live with him for more than 80 nights a year, says: “FAM has been life-changing for Jack, Joe and I. This is the first time there is an option for single parents who only get their children part of the time. To offer all those service personnel and children on the pilot a stable home is outstanding.”

The team encourages those of you who are at, or considering, the three pilot site locations: HMNB Clyde, Aldershot Garrison and RAF Wittering, with a report for duty date up until 31 March, to make sure you find out what you are eligible for as applications will continue to be accepted.

Due to the limited time frame, those of you who have benefited from the offer should check if you have ‘preserved rights’ and what the end of the pilot will look like directly with your FAM Cell.

The accommodation offer to everyone who is not on FAM will continue as normal through to 31 October this year. Using feedback and findings from the pilot, work is now underway on how best to deliver a wider accommodation offer.

Over the course of the next year, the FAM team will be giving you more details about what these changes will look like through regular articles, chain of command updates, social media ( and Twitter @UKMODFAM) and on the Defence Accommodation Policy page at

In the meantime, for Aldershot Garrison contact or if you have any questions about the changes to accommodation, email

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