NOBODY complains about having too much money in retirement and AFPS 15 makes it easy for you to improve your pension by purchasing Added Pension. Mary Petley (pictured above), of the Forces Pension Society, sets out the basics about the Added Pension provision under AFPS15 and how to get a quote.

Will it tie us in to extra payments years?
No.  Each contract lasts up to a year. Contributions can be as little as a £300 lump sum or £25 per month if you prefer to pay by instalments throughout the year. You decide what you can afford.

What does it enhance?
That is up to the member. Contributions can either boost just the member’s pension or those of his or her dependants’ too.  

Is there a limit?
Yes. £6,500 is the total amount of Added Pension that may be purchased. However, that would cost between £80K and £120K!

Give me an example.
£1,000 in at age 30 gives the member £100 per year Added Pension.

What are the pros?

  • Added Pension offers value for money.
  • Tax efficiency – contributions come from pay before tax.
  • Increasing the pension will improve Early Departure Payment benefits.

And the cons?

  • You cannot take the money out of the scheme as a cash lump sum.
  • If a pension increases too much in one year HMRC’s Annual Allowance could be breached, resulting in a tax bill.
  • You must weigh the cost against your other financial commitments.

How do I apply?
Submit an AFPS Form 6 to obtain a quote.  If you like what you see, apply on an AFPS Form 6A.

If you are a member of the Forces Pension Society and have questions on this, email  If you are not a member but would like to know more, visit

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