GOT a poem you would like to share with Army&You’s readers? Send it, preferably along with a photograph, to and we’ll feature it in Well-versed. Former Army spouse Dale Mitchell wrote this poem when her soldier was still serving, reflecting on some of the frustrations of being a military wife.


The Army wife

Once upon a time I had a lonely civilian life,

Then I chose to marry an Army guy and became an Army wife.

I don’t mind the always moving around so much,

Friends aren’t friends unless they care to stay in touch.

Some places and people have been very difficult,

Some others have been not and some especially I have liked a lot.


There has been a peculiar place called ‘The Mess’

Where when I have been invited I get to become a princess

And even wear my ‘jewels’,

However a princess should not be governed by the rules!

It is forbidden to pass the port, or nip off to the loo,

Oh, what do you suppose a princess IS allowed to do?


The Army governs nearly every aspect of my life,

Oh how difficult it is sometimes to be an Army wife.

When my husband goes away and I’m not sure when he’s back,

Just how do I ‘be there’ for my kids and not then get the sack?

My CV is quite endless with all the jobs I’ve done,

But the day I chose to be an Army wife was the day my career was gone.


I love to work with children, but every time we move,

I have my reputation yet again to prove.

Parents, they have a preference for someone who will stay,

They want some long term commitment, not just someone day by day.

Despite my excellent references, there are new checks

That all take time and must be done.

On each new move I have my whole ID

To prove again before my work’s begun.


This is the way it has to be but isn’t it frustrating – don’t you see?

It IS to me!

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