A blog from Army&You’s winter 2023/24 edition by Louise McIntyre

In 2013, my husband Archie was getting ready to leave the army and retrain as a gas engineer, while I worked as a teacher. However, there was something missing from our lives.

A few years later, following several failed IVF attempts in the UK, we secretly planned and privately paid for one last attempt in Nicosia, Cyprus. To our delight we were rewarded with two gorgeous sons, William and Vincent, and since then life has never been the same!

Having twins was busy but we had plenty of fun, including enjoying Moo Music classes with them. Meanwhile, my husband embarked on yet another job as a mechanic with National Express (back to his REME roots).

All was going well until COVID hit and he was made redundant. He applied to the army and was accepted! We discussed our options and agreed that he should rejoin on a fixed contract, providing we could stay in Tidworth or try to get an overseas posting.

Fast forward to 2023 and we have recently moved from Tidworth to Dhekelia, Cyprus with our now six-year-old twins.

While the boys have been settling into their new school, which they love due to the small class sizes and focused additional support they receive, I have been busy interviewing for a supply teaching post which will fit around family life perfectly.

I’ve also been volunteering for Home- Start, delivering sensory music sessions, and I am planning to set up Moo Music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, offering holiday and themed activity sessions for the community. I am also dipping my toes into gaining additional skills such as Makaton.

Currently our lives seem to be following a regular rhythm but as an army family we remain prepared to move whenever the beat of the music changes!