A PLAY commissioned by RCET, Scotland’s Armed Forces children’s charity, has been invited to perform for the first time at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of a new cutting-edge performance programme exploring aspects of Army life.

This is My Life will be part of a new six-piece drama, dance and music showcase called Army@TheFringe being run in association with Summerhall. The shows will take place from 11-to-26 August at the Hepburn House Army Reserve Centre, in East Claremont Street, which will be transformed into a temporary performance space staffed by serving soldiers.

The play, which has performance times on 14 and 15 August, is described as a witty, engaging and entertaining theatre show and follows the story of a young boy called Kevin whose father is deployed with the Royal Marines.

It was commissioned by RCET and produced by Hopscotch Theatre Company in 2015 for touring in schools and tackles sensitive issues like separation, bullying, and making new friends.

More than 15,000 pupils and staff in schools throughout Scotland are estimated to have seen This is My Life.

As well as providing educational resources and training for parents and teachers to support Armed Forces children affected by deployment and frequent moving and changes of schools, RCET helps children of veteran and serving families experiencing poverty, ill health, and disability.

In recent years it has awarded more than £1 million in grants to help families pay for essential school clothing, after-school clubs and activities so youngsters can develop their confidence as well as establish interests and friendships outside of the home or school environment.

Chief executive Colin Flinn said the invitation from the Army to perform at this year’s Fringe is a unique opportunity for the charity, adding: “For the vast majority, growing up in an Armed Forces family is a very positive and rewarding experience, but where there is hardship at home and or frequent mobility and deployment anxieties, the impact on a child or young person’s education and consequently their life chances can be immeasurable.

“This is an incredible opportunity for us to shine the light on the some of the issues experienced by an overlooked and vulnerable young cohort of learners who deserve the same life chances as other young people.”

Find out more at edfringe.com 

For more information on the RCET, visit rcet.org.uk

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