A new quarterly newsletter, Fighting Fit, will share stories and other ideas, plus tips and advice from the armed forces community.

It’s being created by BFBS – and they’re asking you for your own experiences of improving life and wellbeing in the armed forces.

The Fighting Fit newsletter will be shared direct to subscribers’ inboxes, or in a special quarterly edition of the Forces News newsletter, exploring a range of themes to help you understand how to make the most of wellbeing and work/life balance in the armed forces.

BFBS wants to hear tips and advice from the armed forces community on topics such as:

  • Getting the most out of serving and day-to-day work
  • Experiences you have had that improved your wellbeing or personal development
  • Tips and advice on housing and accommodation, finances, family life or parenting
  • Your experiences of how taking up a hobby such as joining a music group, or other special interest, or sport has had a positive impact on your service life
  • Tips on how you’ve coped with deployment, homesickness, and other personal issues.

You can share your life hacks, tips, advice, experience, and life stories at digitalhub@bfbs.com and sign up to the newsletter here.

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