Maintaining spousal employment is important to AFF, no matter where you’re posted. In Germany, AFF’s co-ordinator Lindsay McCran is delighted to report on some positive support employees have received during the COVID-19 pandemic…

Lucille Kirk, Head of Agency for GEO HR, says: “The recent redundancy programme followed quickly by the pandemic had put an unusual strain on all the Locally Employed Contractors (LEC) employees.

“But with the effective relationship between them and AFF Germany, concerns were highlighted and addressed with minimal delay.”

Letters of reassurance were sent out, saying ‘now is the time to look after yourself and your families; there is no need to worry about your pay or your jobs; LEC HR is here to help and advise you’.

“I would rather be asked the same question a hundred times than have any family worrying over work-related issues,” adds Lucille.

Employee Merijn Boyle says: “Having just started a new job with DIO, and then being told the schools were closing until further notice, I was worried how
this would impact my job security and pay.”

She was relieved that GEO Labour Support Unit supported her to focus on her children. Employees were informed that no special leave needed to be taken; salaries were secure and people were given the tools to work from home.

“Knowing that my job would be safe and I would still be paid helped make this unsettled time a bit easier,” explains Merijn.

Another local employer, NAAFI, put measures in place to not only continue to support the community by establishing enhanced services like hot food delivery and home delivery for those self-isolating, but to also rally around its employees.

It offered flexible/reduced hours or work-from-home solutions where practical to fit around childcare responsibilities and school closures. The majority of employees have been able to continue to work, and NAAFI has continued to pay all its staff their full salary regardless.

Mary Pittuck, HR Manager, HQ NAAFI, says: “People are our priority, whether that’s our employees or the community we serve, so it is critical to us that our employees feel supported through this period and beyond.”

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