On 24 September, military charity and media organisation BFBS, in partnership with Tickets For Troops, invites the UK military and their families to a free online Q&A event with international football legend Gary Lineker OBE.

With events being cancelled and restrictions getting tougher, due to the current COVID pandemic, Tickets For Troops and BFBS wanted to ensure that the UK military and their families continue to feel entertained and supported. So, for one hour from 7pm UK time on Thursday 24  September Gary Lineker will be answering questions live from the lucky participants who will join him at the Zoom event: ‘A Kickabout with Gary Lineker’.

Tickets for the event can be secured for FREE via Tickets For Troops – the military charity which provides free tickets to members of the Armed Forces for a variety of sporting, musical and cultural events.

Gary Lineker, who has been a big supporter of the British Military over the years, will be joined by BFBS Radio Presenter Hal Stewart, who will host the event and take questions live from the online audience. Attendees are invited to post questions in the chat room about anything from Gary’s football and broadcasting career, to his current decision to invite a refugee to live with him at his home.

When asked what he is most looking forward to about the event Gary said: “The questions that I’ll get. Obviously, I don’t know them, and I don’t want to know them beforehand. I’ve been asked all sorts of strange and wonderful things over the years and there’s usually one or two that take the micky a little bit, no doubt…but that’s ok – I might take it back.”

He added: “I’ll give my honest answers to all of them, it should be a lot of fun.”

Tickets can be obtained via the Tickets For Troops website https://ticketsfortroops.org.uk/home.aspx and via bit.ly/KickaboutWithGary 



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