Over the last few years, many of us will have heard the word Covenant being used in relation to the Armed Forces community. But what does it actually mean for you and your family during a posting to Wales? We take a look at the Covenant work being completed in Wales and how AFF is involved every step of the way.

ALL local authorities in Wales are involved in supporting the Armed Forces community. AFF makes it a priority to engage with them to share first-hand knowledge and evidence of military family life and some of the issues that you face.

AFF’s Wales & Borders Co-ordinator, Abi Wrigley, attends some of the local meetings that are held in the areas where there is a large Army footprint. She explained: “I will give updates on major UK-wide issues for Army families and smaller local specific issues if there are any.”

Keen to offer support

The Powys County Council and Covenant Partnership group are in the process of organising a community day for families based in Brecon to highlight the Covenant work they are doing for the military in their area.

Annabel Ingram, AFF’s Regional Manager North, said: “I attend the seven Regional Covenant Partnerships that cover the whole of Wales. This means whether you live on a patch or in your own home we have you covered. These meetings are held quarterly and I raise issues that are affecting families. It could be lack of school places or local connection issues for separated spouses. If you bring issues to us we can raise it on your behalf.”

AFF’s involved

With the Covenant Grant scheme in full flow many organisations look at ways to secure funding and support different aspects of the Armed Forces community. AFF is part of the panel in Wales to make sure that families are represented.

“Every year the Welsh Government holds a Covenant Conference in Wales that we attend,” said Annabel. “We spoke at the last conference and updated a large audience about our work and the issues you tell us about.”

She added: “There is a good chance you may not see the Covenant work being completed on your behalf but rest assured it is happening regularly and your input is vital for us to paint an accurate picture of family life in Wales.”

If you would like more information about any of the above, please contact Annabel at rmnorth@aff.org.uk

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