The Houghton family share their experience of a posting to Wales…

How long have you lived in Wales?

We’ve had three years in Crickhowell and almost two years in St Athan.

What is your quarter like?

I’ve had two! Both have been the older style quarter but both spacious and with great gardens.

Do you work?

Yes. Since all three children started school I work part-time, around 16 hours per week. I like to contribute to the family pot of money each month.

How do you feel about the schools/childcare in the area?

I chose a smaller school for my primary age children and they have both settled incredibly well. My eldest has been to two secondary schools here in Wales and both have been outstanding. His current school has a very good policy for supporting military children.

Are there any places for families to get together?

There are groups for parents with toddlers. The welfare team put on some great trips and activity days during the holidays.

What is your take on life in Wales?

I have loved my time in Wales. I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else now. I think of South Wales as my home.

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