Tempted to get a head-start on packing ahead of your move? Cat explains why you should leave it to the experts…

Normal removals policy is that the MOD pays for a full pack and unpack service – so you don’t need to pack anything prior to your removals team arriving and there’s no obligation for packing boxes to be delivered to you before moving day.


Should you have an exceptional need to pack earlier, for example, to help children with additional needs, you should discuss this with the removals company and, in these situations, boxes will be provided.


AFF understands that many families want to get ahead of the game by packing items themselves and in the past, some companies have dropped off boxes if they’ve been in the area and may still be able to do this if requested, however, it’s not a requirement for them to do so and is not in the contract.

With many moves taking place, there’ll always be new families on the patch who have boxes they can pass on, so if you need boxes, do try this first.

If you need further info, email Cat at housingsupport@aff.org.uk

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