With the festive season – and inevitable increase in use of candles – approaching, it’s a good time for families in SFA and SSFA to consider taking out liability insurance.

This will protect you against unforeseen costs arising from accidents, for example a blaze sparked by a candle left unattended or Christmas tree lights left on, or a flood caused by frozen pipes. As licensees your normal home insurance won’t cover you for these things (nor will buildings insurance) and DIO can look to recoup the costs of any damage up to £20,000.

AFF has had a few families come to us with large debts as a result of not having the correct insurance policy in place. On top of having to cope with the impact of losing personal belongings, they then have the stress of having to repay the debt. While it’s not compulsory to have this insurance, we strongly recommend that you consider taking it out to give you peace of mind. If you already have kit and content insurance through a specialist military insurance company you may already be covered, so it’s best to contact them to check.

If you aren’t covered, a good place to start looking for forces friendly insurers is siiap.org

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