Being part of an Army family has its challenges and, alongside joining a new school, one of the biggest is continuing hobbies. One mum tells us how her children find their fun on the dancefloor…

HAVING enjoyed street dance classes whilst on a posting to Inverness, Cameron (5), Molly (6), mum Lyanne and family moved to Middle Wallop in Hampshire and had to find a new dance school to join.

Following the move, Charlie Sapey, from Integr8 dance school supported them both to ensure their dancing skills continued. She quickly built up a bond and helped Molly train for the Street Dance World Championships.

Under her guidance, the sibling superstars went on to win the BDO South Coast Championships. They have also both entered the UDO European and World Championships this year.

More importantly, carrying on their hobby in a new location has enabled the children to make friends in the area.

Lyanne feels it gives her children another view on life, aside from school and the activities held specifically for Armed Forces children. 

She said: “Dance not only challenges them physically, but helps with their confidence and social skills.

“They have attended not just competitions but workshops held by well-known dancers such as Poppin Ron, Turbo, Flawless and more.

“Each one teaches in a different style, interacts with the children differently and is yet another opportunity for the child to learn.”

Continuation of hobbies is extremely important to Army children as it provides a bit of stability in an ever-changing world for them.

It gives them confidence, shows them commitment and gives them something to be proud of. Just look at these two and what they have achieved at such a young age – Army kids can achieve too.

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