WHEN it comes to looking after the interests of service children in Scotland, the Royal Caledonian Education Trust (RCET), is the charity.

If you’re in need of financial assistance with things such as school uniforms, after-school activities, living expenses for college or university, extra support for a child’s well-being or you’re experiencing financial crisis, RCET can help. 

It provides resources, advice and training for teachers and other professionals, and also supports research. RCET sits on the board of the Service Children’s Progression Alliance, which champions the progression of the children of military personnel.

The youth participation project puts young people’s voices at the heart of everything RCET does. Children share their experiences and discuss their needs in local groups across Scotland.

The national transitions officer works with various organisations to enhance policy and practice relating to service children’s education. Good news if you’re posted to Scotland for the first time. 

Head to rcet.org.uk for more.

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