AFF’s recent survey asked how you feel about life during refurbishments. The detailed results are available at

We would like the chain of command to commit to an automatic temporary downgrade of SFA for the duration of projects.

DIO and MHS have already agreed to consider ways to improve communication with you.

They are also looking into the cost implications of a food allowance during a kitchen refurb and a deep clean of areas where contractors have been working on completion.

DIO is currently trialling the cost of refurbishing void properties as opposed to doing so when families are in situ.

AFF is delighted that some of your suggestions are now being considered and will continue to lobby for them to be implemented.

Hot topic

AFF’s quick poll also asked whether you prefer gas or electric cookers.

DIO is currently swapping gas cookers for electric during kitchen refurbs but, with the overwhelming majority of you preferring gas hobs with a fan-assisted oven, it has agreed that the following will be implemented with scope for further change in the future:

“Where the refurbishment of a kitchen takes place and the current cooker provision is gas, the replacement will be a default of electric. However, gas supply will be maintained and the family may volunteer to retain their existing gas cooker.

Alternatively, families may wish to provide their own cooker, installed by a competent tradesman, recognising that they would bear the cost of its disconnection on move out; this will require the encroachment process to be followed.

Where a new occupant moves in, the existing cooker at that time will be retained as long as it is certified and with sufficient residual life, and on life expiry be replaced with an electric model unless they elect to provide their own.”

We will continue to lobby for dual fuel ovens as this appears to be what the majority of families would prefer. If you have a view on this, please email 

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