WHAT is the British Army’s plan if something goes wrong when a family is living in their own home? 

At present, if my husband is deployed and something catastrophic happens to my service house I will have help dealing with it from my Unit Welfare Officer and MODern Housing Solutions.

How will the Army support me and other families if we are living in our own property and disaster strikes?

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Response from Lt Col Philip Arnold, SO1 PS4(A) Army Welfare: Living in your own home remains a personal choice that brings both responsibility and financial commitment; that commitment cannot extend to the use of public funds to maintain your private home. 

I would expect unit welfare officers to take a keen interest in understanding where all Service families are accommodated and that dependants are well supported whilst Service personnel are detached or deployed on operations. That support would include signposting help and advice where appropriate. 

I would also expect Service personnel to put in place support mechanisms to ensure their dependants are cared for whilst they are absent from the family home. 

This includes dealing with foreseeable housing issues, such as boiler maintenance, replacement of white goods – that is the daily challenge all home owners face. 

Be reassured that whilst the MOD is keen to support home ownership, there will always be an option to remain in Service Families Accommodation for those who desire or need it. 

We must, however, guard against picking the very best of both the mobility and stability package as that would undermine the valuable discount we currently enjoy whilst occupying public accommodation. 

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