Supporting Service Children in Education (SSCE) Cymru is a Welsh Local Government Association programme with a mission to provide the best possible educational support to your children in Wales. So, if you’re posted there, it’s reassuring to know there’s an organisation working to make sure your children receive what they need.

Last year it conducted a survey to give you an opportunity to share your experiences about living in/moving to Wales, the impact your lifestyle has on your children’s education and the support you’ve received from schools. The survey responses came from families from all three services, regular, reservists and veterans/the ex-serving community and polled families with questions on making friends, settling into a new school and identifying service children in schools.

On living in Wales, 90 per cent of families said they appreciated the physical environment with its wonderful countryside, mountains and cities and 35 per cent said they enjoyed meeting new people.

To help with settling into a new school and community, 48 per cent of respondents visited the school before their move to meet teachers and classmates, and to understand what to expect on the first day, with another 40 per cent also visiting the area before moving.

Two thirds of respondents said having information about education in Wales and the curriculum would be useful and 66 per cent said having an identified person in a school to support with transition would be beneficial.

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