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Being an army spouse is an exciting life that comes with lots of experiences. There are positives but also challenges.

Like my husband, I’ve come to understand the core values of the British Army, and I strive to live by them. Courage to stay positive, knowing that my husband could deploy at any time. My second baby was four-weeks-old when his dad was deployed and was away for three months. I joined the mum and baby group within the community. I made new friends, shared my experiences with other spouses.

Whenever my husband is away on deployments, I find the army community very helpful. I receive newsletters about events in the community. The unit welfare office organises family days out and get-togethers, and there’s a HIVE where I get information. The constant moving can be very challenging, having to leave my old friends, move to a new place and start from scratch, looking for jobs and nursery for the kids. Luckily, as a dental nurse, jobs and nurseries have been readily available within and around military units; so, before we move, I plan and apply for a role in the dental practice at the new unit. As an army spouse, I live not for myself but the husband, the army community, and the country. Hence, the need to put the army’s needs first, very close to that of the family, supporting my spouse in his chosen career.

The army community is a place where love, respect for others, care and togetherness reign.

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