In this edition’s Army&You and Reading Force Book Club, our forces youngsters share their views – via their parents – on Joseph Coelho’s Luna Loves Art…

EVA (4) AND ISLA (3)

We really enjoyed reading this book, it’s a lovely story. We loved looking at all the different artwork, our favourite was Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. Eva liked how the girl made friends with the little boy by talking about art.


Luna Loves Art tells the story of two children, Luna and Finn, on a school trip to the art gallery where they learn to overlook differences in all things and find common interests – in this case art! It exposes readers to all manner of masterpieces and artists, from impressionist to abstract to sculpture. It also covers the themes of friendship, difference and children struggling with emotions. We really enjoyed looking at and discussing all the artwork – Robyn particularly liked the beautiful, detailed illustrations – especially the shiny surprise! She’s already excitedly talking about different artists and visiting an art gallery herself. This wonderful book is a fantastic tool for introducing young children to art or for use with older children as a tool for starting discussions about loneliness, differences and supporting each other.


“Two hundred” was the answer that Anya gave when I asked her, out of ten, how much she liked Luna Loves Art. Lucette says she likes it very much too. It has been a firm favourite since it landed on our doorstep. It’s a story full of big colourful spaces filled with wonderful colours and shapes. Anya told me she liked it because there was lots of different art.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was ‘just a book about art’. But Joseph Coelho, with illustrations by Fiona Lumbers, has made it much more than that. We were also able to talk about Luna being a good friend to Finn, who was sad and lonely. Finn also expresses some big emotions and a sculpture of a family group can lead into talking about what different families look like.

I wouldn’t consider us to be an ‘arty’ family, but Anya and Lucette have been inspired to try and create the sunflowers. Doesn’t everyone love a sunflower?


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