THE Gurkha Welfare Trust is appealing for people to dig deep in support of its 50th anniversary this year.

The charity, which provides aid to Gurkha veterans and their families, is asking people to donate so that their vital welfare pension can continue to act as a lifeline. As a core service provided by the charity, the pension enables Gurkha veterans to live their lives with dignity in Nepal. 

The charity has shared a typical shopping list which illustrates the increased cost of essentials that their welfare pension funds. 

Back in 1969, a shopping list of simple supplies came to 247 Nepalese Rupees. The same list of items now comes to 11,660 NPR – more than 47 times more.

Adam Bentham from the charity said: “The Gurkha Welfare Trust is fortunate to have a group of incredible supporters. We are asking them and members of the public to give whatever they can. 

“We ask this both in gratitude of the bravery of the thousands of Gurkha veterans we support, as well as recognition of the increased cost of providing and maintaining that support, which is a crucial lifeline for so many.”

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