Have you heard about Discover My Benefits? The website is a great source of information on the benefits, allowances and support available to military families.

A lot of the benefits that you may be interested in can be found by going to the Army families category. For instance, did you know that as well as getting help to access employment or start a business, you can also get advice on how to make up for missed National Insurance payments when you’re unable to work because you have been posted overseas with your partner?

If you’re saving to buy your own home, you might find the Forces Help to Buy scheme useful – your family could borrow up to £25,000 interest-free.

Under the Relocation category, you can find out how the MOD can help when your soldier is posted to a new location and you have to move home, whether it’s in the form of your partner being given extra leave to help you settle in, or help with the some of the costs involved.

If you’re looking to save money, then the Service benefits category shows you how to sign up for the Defence Discount Service which offers access to over 12,000 online and high street discounts from large national retailers and local businesses across the UK. Or how about getting your partner to sign up for Tickets for Troops, so you can attend a whole range of events for free with them?

For those times you might need some extra advice, the website has lots of information about charities and organisations that provide impartial support and independent advice to you and your family, including AFF. Go to dmb.mod.gov.uk/army

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