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Being an army dog isn’t that bad. When dad is away mum will let me sleep on her bed so she doesn’t get scared.

Normally I’m only allowed in their room every now and again. She also gives me extra cuddles and walks, so that’s a pretty good deal. And when dad finally comes home, I get extra treats and cuddles off him too. You better believe he never goes away without bringing me back a treat.

We’re lucky to live near the beach which is 100 per cent my most favourite place to be. We also live right near the range; and I’m only a little bit frightened of the noise the tanks and guns make… but I act brave, so no one knows I’m scared. I even bark at the tanks sometimes to let them know that I’m in charge, and if I need to, I can protect my mum from them.

The worst thing about army life is when my friends leave. Sometimes when they’ve left for a new camp and we walk past their old house I will stop, sit and look sad. I then refuse to move till they come out and play; or until mum gives me some chicken.

It’s okay though as my best friend lives across the road. Her name is Lola, and I love her so much that we see her practically every day. I think she and her human sisters are my pack! We run around the woods together causing chaos while our mums try to stop us running in every single muddy puddle we find.

Being an army dog is great… the only thing that would make it better would be more treats!

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