If your family needs some quality time together, then Give Us Time might be the answer…

The tri-service charity offers commercially-let accommodation donated by owners of holiday groups, hotels, holiday homes and timeshares, and matches it with military families. You might be in need of rest, rehabilitation and reconnection due to bereavement, physical or mental injuries, financial need, or much-needed time away to reconnect following periods of separation due to deployment.

Zabina and her family

One of its beneficiaries Zabina, a serving soldier in the RLC, booked a holiday after going through a difficult time. Her partner, also serving, was posted away, so Zabina was living on her own in their quarter trying to balance life with a new baby whilst struggling with post-natal depression.

“We went on a break to Italy where we were finally able to switch off from the stresses and strains of daily survival and properly spend time with each other again,” she said.

For some families the breaks are a chance to be a ‘normal’ family and make memories together.

SSgt Claire Gloyne, who went away to Center Parcs, says it brought her closer to her son and restored her confidence.

Claire Gloyne and her little boy

“As a single mother my world was turned 360 degrees when I had my son. Having time away together just made the love for my son grow more and more,” Claire said.

“When he first arrived at Center Parcs he couldn’t stop saying ‘wow Mama look at lights’ and this was the first time I’d smiled in months.”

To find out more about how Give Us Time is structuring its holidays following the coronavirus pandemic or to register for a future break, visit giveustime.org.uk

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