Military service can offer fantastic opportunities for couples and families to live an exciting and varied life but with the highs sometimes come the lows – extended periods of separation, multiple house moves and struggles to find employment.

The Warrior Programme offers training and education designed to equip you with the tools you need to live life to the full and weather the storms.

“Our programme teaches how to build your resilience, confidence and an ability to manage unhelpful negative emotions,” explains regional co-ordinator, Zoe Teale.

“The benefits of engaging with this kind of personal development can have a wide-reaching positive impact on all areas of life.”

Interpersonal relationships

“In the military, as in all walks of life, there are no easy answers as to why some relationships endure the most stressful times and others don’t,” says Zoe. “However, there are certain factors which seem to foster resiliency in relationships and increase a couple’s likelihood of survival.”

Sarah, who attended The Warrior Programme last year, adds: “My marriage has definitely improved for the better.

“I don’t think my husband realised how trapped I felt. I hated him at times because I felt his life was perfect at the expense of mine. The children were happy because I focused on them – everyone was fine apart from me.

“I was worried I would spend the course just complaining about my husband and the army, but I didn’t. I spent three days focusing on myself and afterwards I couldn’t wait to get home and give him a massive hug.

“I realised that every couple has challenges. It’s still not perfect but whose relationship is? I feel like I have more control over my life than I thought I did. I have come to terms with the choices I made that have led me here, which makes me happier.”

During the COVID-19 situation, The Warrior Programme is offering free online resources and weekly Zoom calls. They have also just completed their first online foundation course in place of the residentials that they are currently unable to hold and have set dates for two more courses this side of the summer holidays. Email or go to

Top tips:

❤ Take control – not of the other person – of yourself. Be the driver of your own bus! Be optimistic, be confident that the things you do will result in the outcome that you want;

❤ Take responsibility for your actions and be prepared to face the consequences. Forgive others and perhaps even more importantly forgive yourself;

❤ We all know that open communication is essential for a relationship to flourish but lots of people find it difficult. Often the conversation you’re not having is the one you need to have;

❤ Be a good listener and always look at the situation from the perspective of your partner.

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