Here at AFF, we’ve received a number of enquiries from those of you in long-term relationships (LTR) who’ve been trying to work out which allowances you can claim when moving on assignment.

Generally, if you’re in a registered LTR, you’re not eligible to receive additional allowances in support of cohabitation as it’s deemed as unaccompanied service.

Moving house

However, one question that’s often raised is what removals and Disturbance Expense (DE) can you claim when moving on assignment from one surplus quarter to another if you’re in a long-term relationship?

The great news is that recent changes to policy mean that you can now claim the Service Family Accommodation (SFA) rate of DE when moving into surplus SFA on a qualifying move.

The army allowance team confirms: “Serving personnel in the UK who are in a registered long-term relationship, who move on qualified assignment to a new duty station, when occupying surplus SFA in a non-FAM area, can now get the SFA rate of DE and can claim UKPASH. If a soldier in a LTR were to move from London to Catterick and successfully applied for a surplus SFA, they would be entitled to £1,041 DE and could claim UKPASH up to £240.48.”

What is UKPASH?

Private Arrangements Self-Help Scheme (UKPASH) is a private removal arrangement that helps pay towards the costs of hiring a van.

You should contact your unit HR to discuss this as applications must be preapproved by administration staff.

If you’re in a Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot area, the benefits you may be eligible for will differ, so do take a look at for more information.

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