Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) is gathering pace after a successful pilot last October.

DIO and Amey have been working through a programme of installations in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) at Woolwich, RAF Leeming and Paisley, and more areas will be rolled out under the new repairs and maintenance contract in the coming months.

Some of you have contacted AFF in frustration that the process hasn’t been clear up to now. One army spouse told us: “I was flabbergasted to be passed between several members of staff, none of whom appeared to be aware of the correct process to follow. I don’t have off-street parking so can’t get a point fitted but having heard the plans I’m quietly hopeful that my street will get a communal point at some time in the future and that there are now contingency plans for those areas where houses aren’t suitable.”

AFF has been reassured that under the new contract, training will be provided for all call centre staff.

How do I apply for an EVCP?

Contact the new Pinnacle National Service Centre and they will ‘triage’ your request before passing it to delivery managers to make arrangements for installation. The triage will check that your quarter has dedicated off-road parking or a garage, which are the primary criteria for approval due to safety reasons.

You’ll have an initial survey to find out whether the fuse board needs replacing and if so, there’ll be a loss of power for up to four hours while this is done. If just the EVCP is being installed, it should take around two hours.

Submitting a request to completion should take no more than ten weeks. If you live in SSFA (hiring), you should contact Mears in the first instance.

Why can’t I get on with installing one myself?

Many of you have asked this question as civilian households can apply for a government grant to help with the cost. Unfortunately, it’s not possible in SFA as all electrical works fall under ‘Safe Systems of Work’ and all contractors must be ‘Skilled Persons Certified’. DIO told us that the complexity of private contractors having to achieve this accreditation would increase the cost and time, and felt it was unfair to impose this on families.

What about when I move?

The existing EVCP will stay at that quarter and, in time, you should be able to see if one is fitted in your next SFA through the new estate agent-style details when you apply through the e1132. If there isn’t, you can request one.

Quarters with no off-road space will be assessed as to whether suitable parking can be created, and subject to funding availability, this will then be carried out. In future, DIO intends to install communal charging points across the estate to support both MOD vehicles and those of you in SFA.

If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle and are unsure if your quarter will pass the triage test, you can submit a query to

Even if an installation isn’t feasible, check out your local area as councils and supermarkets are increasing the number of public charge points. A quick online search will bring up those available near you.

If you encounter any issues, contact AFF at

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