Did you know DIO has a compensation scheme in the UK for missed appointments and for significant issues at move-in for all SFA and SSFA? Here’s the procedure you’ll need to follow to claim…

Missed appointments for maintenance
£30 high street voucher

  • If a contractor fails to turn up within the agreed time and doesn’t provide adequate notice.
  • Adequate notice is classed as before 5pm the previous day – this can be a phone call, voice message, text and/or email.
  • If the contractor is running late on the day and calls ahead and a later time is agreed, then this won’t be classed as a missed appointment. If you can be there for the later time then agree to it – if the system is abused it could be withdrawn and ultimately the aim is to get the job done!

Significant defects at move-in
£50-£100 high street voucher

  • If the SFA is uninhabitable at move-in and you have to be temporarily housed in a hotel, welfare house or permanently in another SFA, the compensation will be a £100 voucher.
  • If there are issues causing significant disruption at move-in such as cleanliness including carpets and cooker, or total loss of an amenity such as heating, hot water or cooker, the compensation will be either £50 or £100.
  • For a claim to be approved, all issues must be recorded on the paperwork you sign at move-in so it is vitally important that you take your time to inspect the SFA thoroughly and ensure that any issues are noted before you sign for the house.

How to claim

  • Missed appointment: claim must be made within 14 days. Evidence should be provided where possible.
  • Move-in defects: only issues detailed on the move-in paperwork will be considered. Take photographic evidence to support your claim where possible.

All claims must include:

  • Date of appointment you are claiming for
  • Name and phone number
  • SFA address the claim relates to
  • Reason for claim
  • Any additional information (photos)
  • For missed appointments include job reference number, date and time of notification of postponement/cancellation and any other details
  • For move-in issues provide e1132 reference number, details of issues identified and any other action taken
  • Claims should be made within 14 days and sent to the DIO Compensation Claim Team either using the template on the defence intranet (DII) or to DIOSDAccn-CCT@mod.gov.uk – a response will be given within one month. No appeals process is available, but if you are unhappy with the outcome you’ll be able to go through the existing complaints process.

If you are having issues with this process, please let Cat Calder, AFF’s Housing Specialist, know at housing@aff.org.uk

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