Guest reviewer Emma Lambert is a busy mum of two, an Army spouse and AFF Comms Administrator living in Hampshire. Here’s what she thought of Army Wives: From Crimea To Afghanistan: The Real Lives of The Women Behind the Men in the Uniform by Midge Gillies, published by Aurum Press…

IF YOU thought your SFA was “tired” or lacked luxury, then turning to chapter two and reading about how an Army wife had to live in order to accompany her soldier certainly makes you think twice! In this detailed history of what it was like to be an Army wife, I certainly sympathised with the living conditions of 100-or-so years ago.

Could you imagine living in a corner of the barracks? That’s how it was in the first half of the 19th century. For others, back in 1892, accompanying the soldier meant glamping. Tent envy was a thing, as rank reflected the standard of living 125 years ago.

It is interesting to read about the many wives in the First World War who sought comfort by speaking to deceased soldiers through a medium and there is certainly some comfort in reading about the superstitions of the modern Army wife. I’m not sure I would sleep in a different bed for the duration of deployment, but I could certainly relate to this.

Overall, Army Wives is an interesting read. One to dip in and out of as different chapters will impact in different ways. It gives eye-opening and detailed accounts of different aspects of being an Army wife and will appeal to anyone with an interest in history. If you enjoy historical non-fiction, this makes for a really fascinating read.

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