Last October the Department for Education invited the public to comment on its proposed changes to the School Admissions Code (SAC). The SAC is a statutory document which schools and local authorities in England must follow when considering applications for places.

The revised code now allows service families to apply with a private address when accompanied with an assignment order. Previously, you had to have a unit or quartering address – good news if you’re moving into your own home. You can find the revised code at by searching for school admissions code.

Local authorities will also be required to publish their admissions process on their websites, so that you can clearly see how to apply, and how your application will be dealt with. As part of the revisions the government has promised to deliver a ‘guide for service families’ to explain the admissions process. We’ll continue to push for this, as many of you have asked for it, so keep an eye on the AFF website for updates –

If you need support, particularly if you’re appealing the decision of a school or local authority, contact


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