Reading Force has proudly launched a new resource for young people aged 11 and above – a reading journal called ‘Life of a Page Turner’.

The charity worked with an enthusiastic group of young people to find out what kind of resource they wanted. Their suggestions were fantastic, from size and cover-design to inspirational quotes and eye-catching illustrations – many of which the group created.

The journal offers not only a place to write or draw about the book(s) your youngsters read, but also to express feelings, for example about how the book and characters make them feel, what they would say to someone they are missing, or their experience of being a Forces child.

“Reading Force loves to hear what young people think of the books they’re reading, and so at the back there’s a pocket with a book-review page which they can fill in and post to us (Freepost READINGFORCE), or photograph and email to,” says Reading Force’s Fiona Maxwell. “On receipt, we’ll send another book and, if they request it, another journal. With their permission, we can post reviews on our website too!”

One young person, aged 13, who’s from a military family, said: “I found the journal very interesting, the stickers and the theme of the book are perfect. It’s calming as well as artistic, it helps take my mind off my worries as well as being a space for me to write down my feelings and worries: one of the days I was feeling overwhelmed, being able to draw in this journal really did help.”

And mum added: “When she was struggling with her emotions over family issues, I couldn’t calm her down, so I told her to read the book and write in her journal, she really found it helpful.”

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