Blighted by mould and damp in your quarter? AFF housing specialist, Cat Calder, explains how we are building up a picture of where the worst-hit areas are…

Every time you come to us with an issue with damp or mould in your Service Family Accommodation (SFA), the address is added to a database, enabling us to track hotspots to pass on to DIO and Amey. These can be added to their data so they can identify areas for project works.

With families moving so often, the information on the database allows me to see if there have been historical reports by previous families.

Working collaboratively

In the last few years significant investment has been made by DIO. In collaboration with Amey, we’ve now combined our databases so that we can see details of where work has been completed. So, if your new address is on our database, I’ll now be able to see if work has actually been done and give you the confidence that you’re moving into a damp- and mould-free SFA.

Major works such as external wall insulation, new roofs, doors and windows and new heating systems have already
been carried out in many areas such as Worthy Down in Hampshire [main photo], where families have benefited from a warm house with lower fuel bills.

Cash injection

Whilst more than £80 million has already been invested in damp and mould remediation projects over the last four years, the recent government announcement of £200 million in funding for service accommodation (£121m of that for SFA over two years) will result in projects to bring even more quarters up to a good standard.

If the dreaded damp does strike, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Report it to Amey so they can address the issue
  2. Log your SFA on AFF’s database
  3. Contact Cat if you still need help –

Keep mould at bay

Mould tends to grow where there’s moisture – just breathing will cause condensation so it’s vital to ventilate your house as much as possible.

That doesn’t mean leaving the windows open all day with the heating on, but simple things, like making sure the extractor is running in the bathroom when you take a shower, opening bedroom windows in the morning for a quick
blow to remove stale overnight air, and not drying wet washing on a radiator will help.

If mould isn’t controllable, then you’ll need to contact Amey on 0800 707 6000. They’ll send out an accommodation officer within five days to assess it and follow up with one of these options:

  • Give advice on how to manage condensation
  • Request a specialist survey
  • If necessary, action remedial works such as loft insulation or a bathroom fan
  • Apply to DIO for funding for specialist work such as wall insulation.

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