Hywel Griffiths was working as an operational dog handler with Gwent Police, when he was told by a neurologist that he was suffering with Parkinson’s disease. He has since been raising awareness of Parkinson’s and is also keen to show his support to the armed forces community through his poems. He has compiled a booklet of military themed poems to reflect the overwhelming pride that the nation feels for our heroic armed forces and the recognition and support that they deserve. Here is one of his poems about the Military Wives Choirs…

A package arrives

by Hywel Griffiths


I must tell you all about something that did happen today,

That has touched me so much that I feel I really must say.

A very big thank you to the Choirs of the military wives,

For the joy a present from you brings when it arrives.


And what you may ask has given me such a lift,

Well it came in the post and was a wonderful gift.

A beautiful and enchanting collection of voices,

That has now become one of my musical first choices.


If you bear with me and let me explain,

The gift was sent to me by the gold hearted Lorraine.

It was sent from the Dishies and was the album ‘Remember’

The Dishforth Choir – of which I am a sort of honorary member.


So, thank you again for making me feel proud

Of some outstanding ladies who sing loud and proud,

In support of their partners often fighting far away,

We must never forget them – as we near Remembrance Day.


To find out more about the Military Wives Choirs, visit www.militarywiveschoirs.org

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