MattWINGS for Warriors is pleased to announce the success of Matt Bryant, one of its former students.

After sustaining a life-changing injury whilst on an active tour of duty, Matt fought against the odds and secured a job as a fully qualified commercial helicopter pilot with support from the charity whose aim is to inspire our wounded warriors to move past injury and achieve new, bright and sustainable futures.

Matt explained: “I was injured in a gun battle in Helmand Province. I had two years of recovery, operations and rehabilitation but I was alive. When I was told that I was to be medically discharged, I had no idea what I could do or how I was going to live.

“I heard about Wings for Warriors and I had a trial flight which I passed, along with my CAA medical and suddenly I had the hope of a future again, a future as a helicopter pilot. After the longest time feeling bleak and depressed I actually felt some hope.

“Training was hard and long and would not have been possible without donations from so many different people and organisations, some of whom I have been able to thank in person, others who make donations anonymously, both small and large via the charity website. To now be a fully qualified, commercial helicopter pilot is amazing and humbling.”

Mark Radcliffe, helicopter pilot and founder of Wings for Warriors added: “It is incredibly rewarding to see Matt on a new path to a bright future. I’m very grateful to all our supporters, including the Poppy Factory, the C Group, Help for Heroes and others who have donated and raised funds for Wings for Warriors to make this possible.”

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