FearFree is a charity which supports current and ex-service personnel in Wiltshire, who are worried about how they treat their loved ones.

Emily Denne, FearFree’s Service Director, said: “Domestic abuse takes many forms. It can involve physical violence, but it can also involve shouting and scaring someone, controlling them, restricting their access to money or sharing images without consent. It is never okay to abuse someone. We know it is hard to admit you need help, but it is the first step in keeping your family safe.”

FearFree’s Forces Intervention Programme offers free, non-judgemental support through one-to-one and group sessions, which are open to all ranks and are outside military camps.

The programme helps participants recognise how their behaviour affects loved ones and how to make positive changes to have healthier relationships. Sally Stockham, Service Manager, explains: “Our dedicated forces team understands the unique pressures of military life. The course is flexible and works around exercises and deployments.”

For more, see fearfree.org.uk/refer/wiltshire

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