THE Warrior Programme is an education and training course designed to give individuals the tools and techniques to manage the ups and downs of life.

It has already helped 500 veterans and is now able to reach out to families thanks to the recent LIBOR windfall.

Who can benefit?

For veterans and serving soldiers, the programme assists those struggling with managing negative emotions or behaviours. If your soldier is in transition it gives them an opportunity to become clear about their values and provide a structure to achieve goals in a second career outside the Army.

If you are a family member, it will provide you with support, create personal resilience to cope with the challenges of Service life and the strength, confidence and awareness to keep yourself, your family and veteran/serving person strong and safe.

Families’ programme

Sixteen family members benefitted from a three-day residential pilot programme last year and have reported significant improvement in their own health and well-being.

The course concluded with a one-day workshop to assess ongoing support and raise awareness of the existing resources available.

The next families’ programme will take place in Devon on 24-26 March, with future courses planned for the Midlands, North West, North East and London area.

Sue, who attended the pilot, said it gave her the tools to support her and her husband. It enabled them to rebuild their marriage and regain their sense of worth and independence.

How can I attend?

Complete a registration form online at or call +44 (0)56 0204 3180. The Warrior Assessment Team will consider each application to ensure you’re suitable for the programme. Self-referrals are acceptable.

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