There’s no longer the option to use the official walkaway scheme when moving out of your home. The responsibility for ensuring your quarter is at move-out standard is down to you, so how can you ensure it’s up to scratch?

At your pre-move out appointment your Pinnacle Housing Officer will go round the house with you and let you know exactly what needs to be done to meet the move-out standard, both in terms of repairing any damage and for cleanliness.

You can choose to clean it yourself, or hire an external cleaner. If you decide to bring in the professionals, make sure that they read the move-out standards and agree to meet them in full – a company which is experienced in end-of-tenancy cleans would be a good starting point. In the old days, some companies used to offer a guaranteed move-out clean and would offer to pay for any charges arising as a result of poor cleanliness, so it might be worth asking if they would be prepared to do this.

An empty house is always easier and less time consuming to clean, so if possible, book your move-out appointment for a few days after your removals have left. You’re allowed to have two quarters on the books for up to 14 days to enable you to clean and move out of one and move into the other without being financially impacted. AFF suggests that you speak to your unit admin to discuss any entitlement you have for food and accommodation.

If you’re moving a long distance away you may need to use a proxy to hand back your house, so do make sure that it’s someone you trust. Discuss anything which was on the 14-day report and show them round before you go – they will be responsible for signing off the property at the move-out appointment and you don’t want any surprise charges!

The Pinnacle website has full details – If you have any issues, email

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