The new maintenance and repairs contracts for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) are now bedding in. You might have already noticed some significant changes and here, we look at a few of the key roles that you’re likely to come across…

Under the National Accommodation Management Services (NAMS) contract, run by Pinnacle, you have a single point of contact – the National Service Centre (NSC).

This is your place to log any queries, request repairs and access information. Your enquiry will then be passed on to any one of the following, depending on what you need.

Housing Officers

Pinnacle’s Housing Officers operate across the UK. The team helps you to move in, move out and support you with any queries or issues. They’ll also be available at some local events and coffee mornings, as well as coming to visit if you need extra support.

Regional Managers

Housing Officers are supported by four Regional Managers – North, Central, South East and South West.

They are a point of support and escalation, driving continuous improvement and working closely with other areas to ensure consistency.

Home Services team

Based at the NSC in Liverpool, the Home Services team works with you to navigate the allocations process, including booking your move-in/moveout appointment with the Housing Officer, as well as any permission requests. The e1132 system is already in place, but the Home Services team may contact you directly to work through any challenges.

Repairs team

You can contact the Repairs team at the NSC 24/7 to log repairs, which are passed to DIO’s delivery partners VIVO or Amey. You will also be able to complete a repair request online through HomeHub when it launches later this year.

Additional Needs and Disability Adaptations (ANDA) Manager

Pinnacle has a dedicated ANDA Manager to prioritise additional needs and disability adaptations. They work closely with Occupational Therapists or medical practitioners to understand your requirements – find out more on page 32.

Customer Solutions

Working from the NSC, a team of Customer Solution Advisors handles your complaints. Pinnacle’s Customer Solution Managers review them, and then work with the relevant teams, companies, or families themselves to get a better understanding of the issue. They will then help to resolve it, feeding back issues and lessons learnt to the central teams, so they can continue to improve. Pinnacle has Customer Solution Managers in each region so that they can work closely with VIVO and Amey.

The four Regional Accommodation Maintenance Services (RAMS) contracts maintain homes and community spaces. If you’re in the South East or South West, you’re covered by VIVO, and the North and Central regions are serviced by Amey.


Both VIVO and Amey have fully trained and qualified Operatives to do the works required to keep homes safe and running properly. They should have plenty of time to make sure the job is done to a standard that you’re happy with. At the visits, Operatives ask you if there are any other jobs you need to raise and will complete additional works if they have the skills, tools and time to do so. A customer satisfaction survey will be sent to you following any works carried out, to ensure all feedback is captured and improvements can be taken on board.

The VIVO team…

Works Supervisors
VIVO Works Supervisors are responsible for managing the delivery Operatives, conducting site visits, undertaking post-works inspections, scheduling works where they are more complex, and are present throughout the move-in process. They also oversee any complaints raised and handle these through to completion to ensure they are fully resolved.

Delivery Managers
The management of day-to-day activities is done by Delivery Managers to ensure everything is running smoothly to maintain property assets and provide repairs, servicing, and grounds maintenance services to all SFA.

Area Managers
The Area Managers oversee all aspects of the management of VIVO’s sub-contractors and direct delivery teams to ensure the quality of service is maintained.

The Amey team…

Estate Custodians
Amey’s Estate Custodians undertake basic grounds maintenance, and support Operatives where required, including attending emergencies to make sure homes are safe. They also help to prepare empty properties, such as making sure the outside area is ready before you move in and providing final confirmation that it’s clean and ready to be lived in. They look after empty properties too, and also do simple garden maintenance to keep homes and streets looking neat and tidy.

Customer and Community Engagement Officers
Amey’s CCEOs build relationships with families and contractors and work to improve your experience while living in military communities. They will gather your views and work with Amey to ensure the issues that matter are addressed.

Your first port of call will always be the National Service Centre 0800 031 8628 (+44 161 605 3529 overseas), or by email

(Main photo: Amy Phillips who heads up Amey’s CCEO team)

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