To commemorate April’s Month of the Military Child, we are sharing a poignant poem written by year 11 pupil, Jese Raratabu, from Wavell School, who wrote it as part of his English GCSE work during lockdown…

Being a son of a soldier, you gain many and different perspectives of life around the world

Some say it’s good because you’re not stuck in one area

Some say it’s bad because you’re constantly moving like a wanted thug

I say, listen to me as I will tell an average life of a military kid.


Moving constantly is actually alright because you who would want to live in repetition

Seeing the same people, going to the same shop, visiting the same town

But there are downfalls

Brotherhood becomes delicate, your social skills are put to the test, trying to fit in becomes frequent.


Life as a military kid is framed with adaptation and layered up with discipline

You take in what you receive and use it in all four corners of the world

You evolve both mentally and physically

What others find challenging, you find easy.

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