GOT a poem you would like to share with Army&You‘s readers? Send it, preferably along with a photograph, to and we’ll feature it in Well-versed. This poem, from Hywel Griffiths, is about The Military Wives Choir and their own roles in Army family life, and the strengths they give to others. Hywel was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and has since been raising awareness of the disease which has earned him the Queen’s Police Medal. Hywel has also released a book called Poems. Parkinson’s, the Military Wives Choirs and the girl with the leaky eyes.


The Military Wives Choirs

This poem is for the Choirs,

The songs that they sing;

The support that they give,

The joy that they bring.


Formed from necessity,

To help members carry on.

Waiting for their partners,

Always away for so long.


And what the Choirs do,

Giving strength to each other,

Is to give help and belief,

Just like sister and brother.


Inspirational to all,

Deserving all the applause,

The oft forgotten army,

Behind those in far distant wars.


Proving their worth,

For time after time,

I felt the least I could do,

Is write them this rhyme.


My dear ladies of The Choirs,

You have my total admiration,

For what you do for yourselves,

And for the whole of the nation.

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