PUBLIC Services Minister Leighton Andrews has announced a review of Welsh Government’s Package of Support for the Armed Forces community. The updated document will be available by late autumn.

His announcement on May 12 followed a weekend of events, commemorations and celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

The Welsh Government’s current Package of Support for veterans and their families already includes details of support available across a range of public service areas such as health, social services, housing and education.

However, the Minister believes the current package should be reviewed to include new and developing commitments both within Welsh Government policy areas and those offered by support organisations such as the Royal British Legion.

Over recent years the Welsh Government has strengthened its support for veterans and serving military personnel in Wales, including investing in unique services in the NHS and extending council tax relief.

The Minister said: “We recognise the immense contribution veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces make to our country and it is our duty to ensure that they are suitably supported.

“Although the majority of Service leavers adapt well to civilian life, it can be a daunting experience and for an unfortunate few, the transition can lead to multiple and complex problems.

“We are committed to ensuring that veterans and their families have access to services which meet their specific needs and they are not disadvantaged as a result of their service.

“This review will enable us to ensure that the information and guidance available is up to date and relevant.”

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