Juggling family life with service commitments is a difficult balance, and some new dads may need some extra support. Former soldier Adam Rockley tells us more about how you can seek help through DadPad…

“I’m pregnant.” These were the two words I heard before going out on the Canadian prairie. Although planned, I was starstruck for the entirety of the exercise, wondering about the what if and what now. Although the forces prepares you for the unexpected, you may not get the time to come to terms with the realisation of becoming a parent.

Fast forward to the first few months of my son’s life and I was jumping in and out of an important time due to the requirements of a military career. Not only did my wife need support, but it was a crucial time for me bonding with my baby. My chain of command was supportive, but if I’d known what I know now, there are many things I would have done differently.

Learning on the job

Getting the foundations right is crucial – we’re always taught that preparation leads to better performance, so why aren’t we doing this here? After leaving the forces, I came across Julian Bose – CEO of the DadPad, who has become my boss. The DadPad is a how-to guide and app that supports dads to give their babies the best start in life. We understand the importance of an intentional and conscious bond that dads need to create with their baby, and the support each parent needs to give to each other too.

We’ve been working with the NHS to get the DadPad into as many dads’ hands as possible. To recognise the unique struggles that military families face, we’ve now made it part of our mission to help military dads and their partners, and to prevent you from missing out on crucial bonding moments.

Find out more at thedadpad.co.uk

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