CURRENT and ex-Service personnel suffering from hearing difficulties are being invited to take advantage of a specially-designed lip-reading training programme.

The London-based course, which is run by City Lit and funded by The Royal British Legion, is set up to teach those with an acquired hearing loss the skills and techniques required to lip-read and manage the everyday challenges of this hidden disability.

Co-ordinator Lorraine Braggins said: “Lip-reading has been at the core of City Lit since 1919, when we set up lip-reading classes for veterans who had been deafened in the First World War.

“Since then, our ‘lip-reading and managing hearing loss’ courses have helped thousands of people cope with their deafness.”

Former student Cathy Roach added: “I lost my hearing in my right ear overnight. As a result, I became very withdrawn. I would avoid going to social events. Then I attended the course at City Lit and I can’t begin to tell you what a positive effect lip-reading has had on my life.”

The programme will run each Monday from 1 February until 11 July. For details and to apply, visit or contact City Lit at or 020 7492 2725.

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