If you want something changed – anything to do with your life as an Army family – tell AFF.  Our local co-ordinators across the UK are here to listen to your issues and take action. Here are some examples of where we’ve made a difference…

Community win

When families based in Arborfield, Berkshire, learned that their community centre was closing due to relocation of troops, AFF North Hants Co-ordinator Amanda Foote was their first port of call.

Approached by around 70 families concerned about the negative impact of the closure, she was determined to seek a solution. A petition was set up which quickly gathered 670 signatures – a sign of how passionate families were about keeping the facility open.

Amanda said: “I have always been impressed by the number of activities offered at Arborfield community centre. The facilities are fantastic and the families love coming here. It’s a lifeline to families living in a fairly remote location.” 

The centre is a meeting place for families, with many living in SFA at Arborfield whilst their soldier works elsewhere and several of them do not drive. It’s the only facility within walking distance and there was a feeling of disappointment that it would close. 

Highlighting the problem

Sarah Magee, Community Development Worker for 11 Brigade, told Army&You: “This is such an important part of how families get out of the house and meet people – how they socialise.”

AFF approached Garrison Commander Lt Col MacGregor with the petition: “The key driver behind it all was that AFF came to me and explained the issue which allowed us to better focus on what needed to happen. It was a good example of how we can work together.”

The site is now remaining open with garrison funding, those involved are looking to not only maintain but increase the provision available – a huge success for the families of Arborfield!

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