A blog from Army&You’s summer 2023 edition by Jennifer Jones @heartmindandsoldieryoga

I’m a military wife to William, and dog mama to Wilma (our shy border collie). I became part of the military family in 2020, when we moved to Colchester.

I remember being instantly made welcome by the soldiers and I was treated like a member of the team. There is such comradeship, laughter, and all-round support, unlike anything I’ve known before.

Army life for me has been so many things. Beautiful and sometimes bittersweet. Uncertainty has become the norm. Learning to establish a life without my partner nearby (or available) was testing as was accepting that plans can (usually!) change several times. I’ve felt a multitude of emotions, from pride to worry, excitement, sometimes disappointment, from deep love to loneliness, sometimes all in the same day!

Although there are challenges, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve discovered that army life brings a brilliant balance of staying physically fit, doing meaningful work, and meeting wonderful people across the country and the world.

As a spouse, getting to know other army spouses has been so good, and particularly meeting female soldiers/officers has been an amazing way for me to form great friendships. I’m so thankful to these new friends. I have learnt so much from them, and they have been great company.

To support my husband and his colleagues, in 2020 I created Heart Mind & Soldier Yoga dedicated to providing yoga to soldiers and the military community. It’s my absolute joy.

I have been privileged to teach the soldiers on the camp, at the army gymnasium, and local army families at the garrison church. It is such an honour to be part of the military community.

As I write, my husband is overseas. I’m looking forward to being together again. I’m sure lots of you can relate to this – when we are together it feels like magic!

Jennifer is also releasing a ‘Poetry Songbook’ this autumn, look out for a chance to win a copy in the next edition of A&Y.

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