A new remote midwife service has been launched for military mums-to-be in certain European locations and Turkey.  

The new initiative was launched in May 2023 by the Central European Practice (CEP), which oversees healthcare for families assigned to locations in Europe and Turkey where there is no UK military medical centre.  

The practice is working with a UK-registered midwife to provide a bespoke programme of remote maternity support to complement the direct care provided locally.

Major Jane Keenan, Officer in Command CEP and Senior Nursing Officer says, “It’s a reassuring addition to local host nation care.”

If you are due to be posted to Europe or Turkey and will have your baby overseas or if you become pregnant while there, get in touch with the CEP by emailing ukstratcom-dms-dphc-ejsu-cepgrp@mod.gov.uk

It will be able to arrange a referral to the new remote midwife, who will organise a number of ante- and postnatal appointments via video consultation.